“Yolly not JOLY!”

I am not joking, this is not the first time that people spelled my name wrong. Not only my name but my family name as well 😏.

So I am Yolly Diyawyaw. And here’s a lists of what I’ve gotten for the different spelling of my name. YULIE, YOLIE, YOLY, HOLLY, JOLLY and they spelled my family name as DIWAYWAY, LIWAYWAY and the worst? WAYWAY! OMG! 😂😁

It’s YOLLY with just a Y at first then O then LL(double L) and Y again at the end. Most people always forget or intentionally miss off the other letter of my name. Guys, those letters are not for decoration, it’s actually part of my name. 😂😁😜

I kept on correcting them but some of them keep on calling me by the shortcut of HOLLYWOOD which is HOLLY and I have to accept that. Haha 😂😁✌

And then today, I received a text message with a wrong spelling again of my name. JOLY HAHAHA! 😂😂

img_20160831_150349_344How come she still spelled my name wrong even after I spelled it for her!? LOL! 😂 ALL THE TIME! 😏 Know what? If I had the money for all the different spelling combinations and pronunciation of my name that I’ve gotten over the years then I guess, I am a MILLIONAIRE now. LOL 😂😁

I believe that my parents gave me a name that’s one of the easiest to spell. Why you guys cannot get it right!? Hmpt. It’s YOLLY not JOLY! 😂😁 #EndlessLaugh 😂😁

Thank you for stopping by and Have a GOOD DAY!






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