“Holiday Season Has Started in La Parilla”

Good morning to all my awesome followers.! So  I just wanted to share a short summary of how I spent my friday.
First, we had our lunch at GREENWICH. I am so inlove with pizza so I recommended to pamper ourselves at GREENWICH ABANAO.

One of the best feelings is CRAVING SATISFACTION.. Pizzaaaaaa!! 🍕❤ (c) Kevin!

I really love to eat here because they serve more at a lesser price and they have one of the best tasting pizza. So when I want pizza, I often come here aside from the restaurants that I frequently visit. GREENWICH ABANAO is one of the famous fast foods here in BAGUIO by the way.

And then next, we went at LA PARILLA CAFE AND GRILL. We didn’t even tried their food because according to their one staffs, they were having a meeting inside the cafe so we will be staying outside. However, it was so cold outside so we hesitated to order and just told her that we will “come again” next time to try their food.

Although, “wrong timing” when we came here, it was still okey because we enjoyed having a pictures of their cafe and what important was we were reminded that HOLIDAY SEASON HAS REALLY STARTED because of their decorations.

See!? So I am wishing everyone a BLISSFUL and MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS.



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