“BOTANICAL GARDEN | Saturday Hang’Out”

BOTANICAL GARDEN is one of the famous destinations of those foreigners once they are here in Baguio which is located along Leonard Wood right after Teachers Camp and before the Wright Park. LANDMARK AND SCENIC SITES SAYS: It is also known as the Igorot Village, the Botanical Garden features native huts typical of the type of… Continue reading “BOTANICAL GARDEN | Saturday Hang’Out”



Mount Ulap is one of the astonishing mountains in BENGUET. It is quickly growing in popularity as a climbing and hiking destination which is located at AMPUCAO ITOGON BENGUET.  So we went here last November 13, 2016.We took a jeep at BAGUIO CENTERMALL just near jollibee. Then we visited the AMPUCAO BARANGAY HALL (just near the… Continue reading “MOUNT ULAP | TRAVERSE TREK”


“Holiday Season Has Started in La Parilla”

Good morning to all my awesome followers.! So  I just wanted to share a short summary of how I spent my friday. First, we had our lunch at GREENWICH. I am so inlove with pizza so I recommended to pamper ourselves at GREENWICH ABANAO. I really love to eat here because they serve more at… Continue reading “Holiday Season Has Started in La Parilla”