“The way GOD made me”

I’m faced with a lot of challenges but I’m able to deal with it

However, I can’t seem to overcome this feeling of being understimated and belittled

And the ones I know that supposed to boost my confidence and uplift my spirit are the ones who starting to turn their back on me and question my abilities

So I felt like some people are happy to bring me down


I just continued doing good things for myself with a smile on my face

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BEING HAPPY

And sometimes they seem to misunderstood and forget that I’m no manipulated machine

So sometimes, I want to look on the mirror and realize that I’m nothing


That they’re waiting for me to make mistakes and continously misjudge me

And when something good happened to me, they still judge me

So what’s the point of showing good things to people who step on my confidence just to boost their own!?



Coz I only have one life to live so why would I worry about your opinions!?Β 

I’ve learnt that it’s better to be loved by a few people than to be liked by everyone

And the older I get, the less I careΒ 

So I’m going to be happy no matter what anyone says


Β And for a long time, I’ve been hated by so many

But I’ve been so gentle and meek

And I have kept my mouth shut, my ideas concealed in the scrutinizing eyes of everyone

Hoping that they will open their eyes and realize that what they see is actually THE WAY GOD MADE ME

P.S, The photo above was taken 2 years ago (2014), So so skinny. Hehehe β˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on ““The way GOD made me”

  1. It matters very little what your detractors say, think, or do. You are special and detractors always seem to take objection with special people. It’s amazing how easily people tear others down, it’s almost automatic to some, as automatic as eye contact or breathing! Stay true to your core values and rise above. Hugs, J

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