“I Promise”

  • And 16’s the day
  • When I said yes
  • And within you
  • I feel complete


  • You’re always there
  • To cheer me up
  • And make me smile
  • When I am sad


  • I sometimes wonder
  • Where have you been?
  • Why only now?
  • Why not before?


  • But anyhow
  • I’m still thankful
  • Because of you
  • I feel, I’m safe


  • I know, I know
  • You’re not thesame
  • To those who hurt
  • And broke my heart


  • And I can say
  • You are the best
  • You are the one
  • That I can’t loss


  • So this “I promise”
  • To love you well,
  • To treat you well
  • Until the end






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