“After All”

Webster's Dictionary define

A literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm ; poems collectively or as genre of literature.

Okey, I was so inspired with all the bloggers poem that I’ve been reading these past two weeks. I am not an expert when it comes to poetry but I still tried to composed my own poem. Here it is, I present to you guys my first composition here on my blog. COMMENTS and CORRECTIONS are required so I could improve. Thank you ☺☺☺


  • There are times
  • Almost many times
  • I recall my past
  • And regret that past


  • Those years that gone
  • I can’t deny
  • The things I’ve done
  • That broke their trust


  • They called me hard headed
  • They called me insane
  • They called me a brat
  • And they were mad


  • They gave their love
  • They did their part
  • To provide my needs
  • That I always asked


  • But what I did
  • Was to hurt them much
  • My bad! My bad!
  • Oh what a SHAME!


  • And today, I’ve changed
  • And changed a lot
  • Doing the right things
  • Because of God


  • He made me nice
  • He gave me light
  • He gave me knowledge
  • To change my past


  • Oh God! My God!
  • I thank you God
  • You showed me the right path so I could start
  • Coz “after all” I’ve learned a lot








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