“My Kind of Man”❤

Life becomes more enjoyable when you have a good man who stays with you no matter what. If you’ve found this kind of man then don’t let him go.

So I have listed here a 10 signs that I’ve already found a good one.

1. A man who sees my bad sides but still LOVES me ☺

To be honest, I am not a super warm and cuddly person. Infact, all my friends have said that it was very hard for them before they got to know me but it’s a part of who I am. Mostly, I am in a bad mood so I am thankful that I’ve found a man that can still understands me with all my tantrums and say *HEY BHABE RELAX* even if I am yelling in front of him. 😁✌

2. A man who does not fail to text or call me

Yes, whether it is a GOOD MORNING or GOODNIGHT texts will do to brighten my day. And who does not fail to text and ask if I am okey when I am feeling sick and who is always ready with a new conversation so I could re read them countless time.

3. A man who keeps his promises

We all know that it can be very annoying if a man promised to be like this and like that but never gets around to do it. So I admire a man who has a word of honor. And honestly, It makes me love him even more.

4.  A man who is sweet

This is it! Girls, we all want this in every relationship. Agree?? So I am thankful that i’ve found a man who wants to hold my hands while walking along session road and who says *I LOVE YOU* even if we’re with our common friends. So I don’t have to be Nadine Lustre or Julia Barreto when I’m with him because simply by doing what i’ve mentioned above are already an indications that he is proud to have me as his girlfriend. Beyond that, I feel like so ooooooh *I’M BEAUTIFUL* even if I am not. Lol 😂😁 BTW, giving chocolates, balloons and flowers is a no no for me. ☺

5. A man who spends time with my family and friends

This is important for me because by doing this, I can say that he is really serious with me. He is willing to do sacrifices just so the people that I love will like him.

6. A man who fears God

The reason why I am including this is that I want him to know the bad and good things. I mean for him to avoid doing the things that I hate when he’s already in a relationship with me. And that includes cheating. He will never do any moves to hurt my feelings badly because he fears God.

7. A man who is willing to join me with all my hobbies 

A man who knows the little things about me. So If I am mad, he knows what to do and that is to offer me a book and join me to read it. Or to treat me with fishballs. He is willing to climb every mountains with me because he knows that I love hiking. He would say yes everytime I’ll invite him to watch a movie and foodtrip after because he knows as well that these are my happiness.

8. A man who is not a party galore

I don’t know, but I prefer a man who invites me for a cup of coffee rather than a cup of liquors and then party party as their term. Haha but if I’ve known him before with his liquor hobby then he must be willing to quit it for me.

9. A man who knows how to admit his mistakes

We can’t avoid arguments in every relationship and we know that two people have different opinions and perspectives in all arguments. So if ever this arises, he knows how to handle things in a matured way. If ever he’s wrong then he must know how to stop and immediately say sorry.

10. A man who wants me to be his last

We are all familiar with the saying, *YOU MAY NOT BE MY FIRST BUT I WANT YOU TO BE MY LAST*. So from that, I am so thankful that I’ve found a man who includes me in all his plans and not just a *GIRLFRIEND THING* A man who says, I have a plan for us so I am doing all the possible ways to be successful one of these days because I want to marry you when the right time comes.

So while I am writing this article, I am very happy and thankful to GOD for blessing me with a man like this. Yes! a man like this do exists and I feel so lucky that I found him (or he found me).

You people may not agree with my article and may say that this is unrealistic and no man could ever be this great but man!! Believe me, I have a proof. SOOOOO LUCKY ME! ❤👫

If you still  think that this isn’t possible then I guess that you have not met the right one for you yet. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of bullshit (sorry for the term) before you can find an amazing man like this. SO I HOPE YOU FIND YOURS! ☺☺

Thank you for reading!



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